Renting of machinery

Renting of machinery

We make easy to invest 100% of your time on your business, ensuring that your compressed air needs are covered as easy as the electrical power, water or phone.

Customized service all included with significant operational, economic and tax advantages:

  • Fixed fees and no initial outlay. Absence of variable costs.
  • Appropriate equipment and in good working condition all the time.
  • Adapted to technological changes and evolving of your business.
  • Eliminates risk of obsolescence.
  • Rents 100% deductible as an expense.
  • No immobilized resources into goods that require continuous renewal.
Sales and rent of equipment

Sales and rent of equipment

Our experimented technical-sales team will advise you and will satisfy your needs, by proposing the most appropriate machine in technical and energy efficiency terms.

We also have a large and wide fleet of machines for temporal renting in order to give immediate solution to any unexpected issue.

Engineering and support

Engineering and support

Satisfaction with our installations and equipment are based on the qualify team of engineering and support that through a complete technical diagnostic, develop the most efficient solution for your business, in addition to managing the mandatory legal requirements.

  • Energy efficiency.
  • Reports, Certificates and legalization of facilities.
  • Turnkey projects and facilities.


10% of industrial energy spend comes from compress air.

70% of air compressed total cost correspond to electric energy.

90% of energy consumed is converted into heat, normally wasted.

Carry out studies and energetic audit, detecting inefficiencies and leaks.
Provide efficient machines with fast ROI.

Introduce measures to reduce consumption and leakage.
Studies and projects of energy efficiency and heat recovery.


Our engineering and consultancy service will inform you in detail, all statutory provisions applicable to your equipment and facilities, also will notify you revisions and actions to be undertaken, and as authorized installer, we will execute testing and manage the paperwork.

  • Technical reports
  • Legal maintenance certificates, inspections and technical tests.
  • Legalization of installations according to standards.


Entrust us your needs and forget your concerns.

We will provide the most innovative and efficient solutions to any of your needs.

We develop and execute the Project, coordinate all the suppliers and elements needed to deliver the facilities ready to start working, fully legalized and a detailed maintenance program.

Our team guarantees your satisfaction.

Technical service 24 hours

Technical service 24 hours

Our technical team is concerned for your tranquility, and they are available 24 hours a day to offer an efficient and professional service of urgent repair.


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