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  • Compressed air and gases

    Piston compressors

    The reciprocating compressors, known also as piston compressors are characterized by being able to compress almost all commercial fluids reaching high pressures.

    There is a wide range of compressors depending of the number of cylinders, stages of compression, speed, lubricated or oil free, etc. and are the right solution for certain conditions and working regimes.

    Screw compressors

    We have the most complete range of screw compressors in prestige, reliability and global recognition.

    Screw compressors compressed steadily, with greater efficiency and improves air quality.

    Oil lubricated or exempt for chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, etc.

    Fixed or variable speed to optimize energy consumption.

    And other variables that enable us to provide the optimum solution to any of your needs.



    They produce low pressure flow rates and are used in both pressure and vacuum production.

    Suitable for mixing installations, transport of powders and granules, cleaning stations, etc.

    Vacum pumps

    Gas generators

    Nitrogen, Oxygen, Argon, are gases used for various production processes and services. What system or generation supply do you use?

    We study your needs, advise you on the best alternatives, design and install gas Generating Plant. Virtually maintenance free, although our Technical Service is always available 24 hours.

    Our Gas Power Plants are characterized by:

    • Guaranteed cost saving
    • Simple and secure supply
    • Systems of high quality and low cost
    • 100% organic and no waste

    Nitrogen, oxygen and argon are gases that have naturally in our facilities. They are in the air. Why pay for transport and store?

  • Air treatment

    Your requirements, processes, machinery, fixtures and installations need good air quality in terms of purity, temperature, humidity, etc.

    Pollution, dust, oil, improper temperature, humidity, condensation, corrosion, etc, they can seriously affect production processes if not defined with professionalism and experience suitable air treatment for each case.

    Whatever the quality of air you need, we can supply it.


    The harmful effects of water in a compressed air system are usually caused by liquid water from condensation of water vapor in the air.

    To prevent condensation must dry the air, to reduce dew point.

    There are different concepts of dryers, and within them there are different types depending on the quality of air required.

    • Refrigerated Dryers: Condenses and removes water by a refrigeration system. Reach a dew point between 3 and 10 ° C.
    • Adsorption Dryers: Water vapor is retained by the desiccant material subsequently is ejected through a process of regeneration, and reach a dew point temperature of -40 º C -70 ° C.


    The purity of the air required in the pharmaceutical or food industry is not comparable to that required in other industrial activities.

    Each application requires an adequate air pretreatment.

    Therefore we will advise you about the wide variety of mechanical and chemical filters, defining the optimum filters and location in the facility to ensure the requested quality of air.

    Management of condensed

    Of great importance, and regulated by environmental laws, are discharges of condensate fluids produced in any compressed air system by oils, chemicals and particles from the air.

    The condensates are avoided to be treated as waste fluids due to the most part of them are water.

    Our equipment of drains and manage of condensates guarantee:

    • High efficiency, at not using compressed air in its operation.
    • Respect the environment, removing harmful particles and oils.
    • Control and effective maintenance

  • Heating and cooling systems

    Industrial refrigeration

    Whatever is your industrial activity, we offer you the cooling solution for your needs.

    Our proven experience in the industry (cooling in particular) allows us to share your projects providing the most efficient and innovative techniques for your requirements.

    Cooling towers

    These are systems that chill water through evaporation.

    The use of these equipment is associate with cooling systems both in air conditioning and cold generation.

    In industry, these equipment are used for cooling of any part of the process that generates heat and must be dissipated.

    Our team will advise you on the most suitable equipment and solutions for your facilities.


    With an increasing demand, the coolers chill process water, using the ambient air temperature.

    They are based on a water-air battery and high flow axial fans, which according to the demanded and exterior temperatures, bring great advantages if circumstances permits it.

    • Reduced investment and quick payback
    • Low consumption
    • Strong reduction of water loss

    We have a wide range of models, configurations and controls to meet your needs with the highest efficiency.

    Climate system

    Its function is to provide the necessary conditioning air flow to climatize spaces.

    For proper air conditioning, performs the following functions:

    • Renewal and clean air
    • Temperature Control
    • Relative Humidity Control

    Our wide range of equipment allows us to offer the best solution for your needs in terms of cost, quality and efficiency.

    Evaporative condenser

    Today is one of the most modern and widely used refrigeration equipment in industrial sector for, in processing plants to save energy in their operations.

    They have numerous applications and offer high performance.

    Industrial heating

    Trust us for your projects, support, supply and installation of your heating system.

    Heat correctly an industrial space, results in important economic advantages for processes and comfort.

    We are at your disposal to discuss your requirements. With the objective of reaching maximum energy efficiency, we analyze your energy use in order to find saving possibilities that may exist in their processes.

    All this for minimizing the energy resources necessary for your activity.